ACI Membership

Join ACI for professional development

  • Learn in a community of encouragement and optimistic participation.
  • Hear other ACI members present their in-process projects, model
    development and research findings.
  • Participate in further development of coaching and consulting skills.
  • Receive confidential peer consultation from ACI members on challenges
    and opportunities in current work.

    Benefits of membership:

  • Connecting with like-minded professionals who understand similar
    challenges, becoming part of a community of peers.
  • Developing new competencies and keeping them up-to-date.
  • Keeping up with the advances in your field.
  • Receiving in-depth coaching through peer review from skilled
    colleagues who support your growth.
Who are ACI members?

People who join ACI bring at least five years’ experience in organization
development, leadership, conflict management, strategic planning,
coaching, managing change, small group skill-building, Polarity
Management, Appreciative Inquiry, Future Search, societal change, and/or
organization design.

The largest concentration of ACI members resides in the Front Range of
Colorado. However we have members throughout Colorado, and at times
the country, and even other countries.

Considering ACI Membership?

Generally people hear about the ACI community via web search, members of similar organizations, or invitation by a current ACI member. To begin receiving the newsletter, contact the Communications Coordinator (communications@acicolorado.org). 

After attending a few meetings and getting to know current members, if you find that the purpose of the organization is important to you, please contact the Membership Coordinator (membership@acicolorado.org) to discuss joining us.

New members will be asked to sign the ACI Statement of Ethics, complete the Membership Form, and pay prorated annual dues in lieu of fees at each meeting. In addition, you will be able to consider preparing for your first Peer Review, more fully discussed on the Peer Review webpage.

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