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Peer consultation is a structured ACI process used to seek the counsel of knowledgeable and experienced colleagues.
ACI members ask for and receive peer consultations on career, ethical and practice development issues. In these conversations, they share their experience and knowledge of novel interventions and about the details of memorable consulting projects. The person who calls for the peer consultation is able to cherry-pick from their many ideas, and select what will best resolve problems or make progress toward goals in important aspects of their career, work or relationships.

Step by Step Confidential Peer Consultation, by Gene Morton.




ACI Peer Review   Contact peerreview@ACIcolorado.org

Peer review is one of the most important steps you can take for your professional development. The peer review panel members use clear-cut criteria for practitioner competence and standards for excellence. By engaging in a peer review and cooperating in this means of assuring competent, ethical practice, you are demonstrating your commitment to best serve your clients’ goals and needs. 

Value of Professional Peer Review

The essence of the peer review process is a dialogue on several important aspects of your professional practice.

  • Effectiveness: An exploration of your practice with emphasis on results and consequences for your clients as well as yourself.
  • Theory Base: An assessment of your integration of theories and concepts into your own practice. 
  • Ethical Behavior: A review of ethical dilemmas you encounter and how you resolve them. 
  • Supporting Diversity: An examination of your skill in recognizing and addressing social issues of discrimination and sustainability. 
  • Development Goals: A discussion of the direction and plans for your continuing professional development and growth.

Benefits Of Peer Review

This process provides the following value added benefits.

  • Enhancement and affirmation of the self-directed exploration needed to learn and develop as a professional.
  • Facilitation of rapid development and internalization of your own standards and ethics.
  • Confirmation that you are a competent practitioner able to make valuable and important contributions to society, individuals, and client organizations.
  • Identification of your areas for further development in terms of skill, knowledge, ability and/or experience, as well as useful resources. 

But I’m Already A Seasoned Professional

While the value of this process for newer consultants and practitioners is self- evident, established specialists may feel little need to review their professional practice. However, the ACI peer review process ensures that even established internal or external practitioners find great value in deliberating, assessing, and re-energizing their practice, in dialogue with peers. The experience often leads to adjustments in priorities and direction, as well as positive changes to practice and lifestyle.

The first step is to contact the Peer Review Chair and submit a letter expressing your intent to become a peer reviewed member of ACI, and a Curriculum Vitae.

Guidelines For Preparing A Curriculum Vitae (CV) For Peer Review

Five Divisions Of Peer Review

You may choose to qualify in more than one division. Peer review in multiple divisions can be done at the same time or separately.

Personal and Professional Development
The focus is on individual processes of learning and development as it occurs in various life stages, in the context of interpersonal and working relationships with others in their human systems. Coaching professionals, career counselors, and others who work with individuals often find this division appropriate to their professional practices.

Small Group Development

The focus is on small groups as arenas for learning about social and task behavior, relationships and consequences, within and between individuals and groups. Facilitators, trainers, and those who work with small groups in a variety of capacities find this division appropriate.

Organization Development

Here the focus is on working with members and leaders of organizations to improve efficiency and effectiveness. It includes the design and implementation of planned system changes using change strategies to maximize the internal strengths of the organization and build strong internal networks. Organization development consultants, internal and external, fit very well into this division, as do certain management consultants and agents of change, societal as well as organizational.

Societal Change 

The focus here is on work with communities and broader social and human systems to generate and implement constructive improvements, in pursuit of common causes and the public good. Here is the division home for those dedicated to social change in communities as well as organizations, working in areas as varied as environmental sustainability and human resource diversity.

Managers and Executives as Changes Agents
The focus here is on the work of a manager or executive within an organization to develop the individuals, groups, and the organization itself.  Leaders in a variety of organization and social development functions find that this division reflects their professional needs.

Contact the Peer Review Coordinator to obtain greater detail about these divisions and the process.

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