About ACI

ACI History
Associated Consultants International (ACI) is a not-for-profit business association, founded in 1971 as a chapter of the International Association of Applied Social Scientists. At the time, ACI was created to establish criteria for competence, develop standards for practitioners, and support its members to meet and exceed those standards.

Although retaining the same name and legal form, ACI is now a free-standing organization, serving the Front Range area in Colorado, whose primary purpose is to support:

  • trusted relationships among its members
  • life-long professional development
  • personal growth

ACI Activities

As ACI evolves, we focus on leading edge, exploratory topics, and we have diversified the formats and frequency of our meetings. We intend to offer at least FOUR all-day meetings each year, including our annual summer gathering at Chautauqua in Boulder.

In addition, any member can call a meeting on a topic of interest to him or her, being considerate of already scheduled meeting times.  Based on the program content, the meeting organizer (who may be the same as the presenter) arranges the meeting location, determines the date and time, and tells the Communications Coordinator, who distributes the information via regular newsletters and/or special announcements.

Although meeting space is always available at the Oracle facility in Broomfield, CO, we also encourage the use of less formal meeting places and times, at people’s homes, evenings, weekends, or other different times of day for those who may work.  We anticipate that these alternatives will promote more interaction and participation, thus building relationships through sharing the breadth and depth of each other’s skills and experience.

Other formats include:

Peer Consultation Panels
An ACI member may request a special facilitated session to receive the ideas and counsel of a selected group of members.  A disciplined structure is agreed to by all participants to insure the necessary focus, divergent points of view, and confidentiality.  A full description is available on the Articles by ACI Members page.

Social Gatherings
Typically, a subgroup of ACI members and guests arranges to meet informally over coffee or in each other’s homes, finding a time and place that are more convenient to the group than scheduled programs might be.

Training Opportunities
Occasionally, an ACI member or potential member arranges for a course or a workshop to be offered to ACI members with special terms.  If it is limited to ACI participation, the group may choose to concentrate on a current ACI issue.  A potential or new member may use the occasion to become better known by the ACI membership or as part of his or her Peer Review Process.  In other cases, an ACI member might offer a new tool or curriculum in beta test mode to an ACI audience, gathering important feedback.

Even more occasionally, a small team of members arranges a theme-based single- or multi-day retreat.  Attended have always found retreats to be both rigorous and relaxing and well worth the time and expense.

Evolving ACI Governance

ACI is a distributed leadership organization, with a Coordinating Council (CC) to provide synchronization and make decisions for the body as a whole. As needed, the membership is surveyed to help the CC reach decisions.

Organizing Principles

In order to provide a safe environment with opportunities for learning, feedback and self-discovery, and relationshipsthat enable us to bring out the best in ourselves, other people, and organizations, we have adopted these principles:

  • We are engaged because we want to be.
  • Our minimalist structure is administratively simple.
  • This organization exists to serve its members and adapts to meet their changing needs.
  • We are committed to our own and each other's growth, which entails both the willingness and capacity to give/receive feedback, even when it is uncomfortable.
  • We respond to each other's requests for mutual inquiry and learning.
  • We are comprised of experienced, reflective professionals who are passionate about our fields and committed to introspection, self-discovery and contributing to the good in our many communities and the world.
  • Meeting attendance is permeable.
  • Membership involves a discernment process that reflects our operating principles.
  • Meeting content and designs are flexible.
  • Program / meeting sponsors are responsible for logistics (location, time, content, format, etc.). ACI will maintain a rolling calendar of future events.
  • Regular dues are collected only to cover costs.
  • We will experiment with changes without being limited by current by-laws.

Diversity Statement

ACI seeks to attract, embrace, and uplift our members, who reflect the larger community* where each member’s differences and commonalities are included, explored, and honored. The larger community includes differences in race, gender, age, sexual orientation, people with disabilities, culture, religion, etc.


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