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  • The Tao of Connectionby Jane Hascall
    ….“The life force is deep; how might we trust it more?” How can grief and ball room dancing create body and heart intelligence?

  • 3 Behaviors That Can Save Usby Chris Hoffman
    If we did these three things we would save the planet and all beings.  Is it worth your time to learn what they are?  
    (The paper will take several seconds to load, since it has a lot of graphics)

  • Step by Step Confidential Peer Consultationby Gene Morton.
    Would you like to hear how experts in your field have worked their way through tricky problems in their internal and external consultancies? Would you like to have someone you can call to work through complex career challenges? The members of Associated Consultants International (ACI) provide personal peer consultations on career, ethical and practice development issues.

  • ACI Retreat - Intercession from a retreat led by Al Persons
    What prayer for our planet would you pray?

  • Standing as Witness by Mary Miura, Lorna Rickard, Ken Roberge and Lola Wilcox
    Are you able to “Stand as Witness”? It may be the chief skill of an individual called to the field of organization development. Are you able to gather data and present it without projections or judgment? “Standing as Witness” is to meet individuals, family members, and groups where they are, as a neutral listener capable of carrying multiple truths while preserving dignity and doing no harm. To witness well takes a deep awareness of one’s own self, especially biases and needs. Are you recognized as a neutral person, and trusted to seek truth that will foster a change in the situation

  • Stages of Development: Eriksons' 9th Stage, by Lola Wilcox
    As the Eriksons aged they added one more stage to their classic research: what is the last stage and how does one develop in it?

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Letter to request Peer Consultation:
After reading the article on Peer Consultation, send the Peer Consulting chair a letter making a request. Include a very short description of the Issue for which you seek consultation, what your role is, and what you have done so far. Conclude with the question(s) you want to ask ACI members. You can submit your request via the online for below.

Letter to request Peer Review: go here for more details

Letter to request Release of Funds:
There are gates to releasing ACI funds for Social Change organizations.

  1. Quarterly Meeting discussion: As a member of ACI at a Quarterly Meeting you tell about why the organization you would like to fund is important to you, and how the work it does relates to the core values of ACI and/or our stated goal of Social Change.
  2. Letter to Coordinating Council summarizing points in #1, and requesting the approved amount.


Nature of Request:
Your Name:
Details of your Request:

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