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ACI provides a mix of professional development, continuing education, and personal networking, ACI programs include lively exchanges and the sharing of best practices.

ACI Chautauqua with Bill Woodward

When: Thursday, November 16, 2017
Time: Gather at 8:30.  Program 9-1; lunch and Peer Consultation, Review in the early afternoon
Where: Elaine Granada's house  - Send an email requesting the address
Facilitator: Mary Miura
Presenter: Bill Woodward on "Liberating Structures"

Bill wants to share what he has learned about Liberating Structures.

From Bill: Liberating Structures is a more inclusive way to make much of our work simpler and more fun. - sometimes making decisions and finding solutions to problems in a more effective way. They currently list about 33 purposes at LiberatingStructures.Org. Many of them will be familiar to you, with a twist. We also found that these practices build on our Culturally Responsive Facilitation mandate.

I would focus on several in the training that we are now extensively using at my office. I am considering these 6 and would like you to visit the web site and tell me which ones appeal to you?

  • Impromptu Networking
  • 5 Whys
  • What, So What, Now what
  • Triz - the "worst" is your friend
  • 25 to 10 Crowd Sourcing
  • Purpose to Practice
The general agenda for quarterly meetings is:
  • Round Robin Check-in (each member takes between 3-5 minutes to catch up the rest on professional, creative and personal life developments.)
  • Program (this may be a topic discussion, a presentation of an ACI member’s program-under-development or results of a new research area, a speaker who wants professional conversation on a specific topic.
  • Lunch
  • Peer Consultation - Using the ACI process for Peer Consultation ((Link to Peer Consultation in the articles section.) we peer consult a member’s client relationship, issue in a project, or other requested consultation. After the seeker presents the issue, people respond … “If this were my issue, I would….”
  • Peer Review (For Peer Reviewed Members Only)

“Big Event” Programs
From time to time ACI hosts “Big Event” all-day programs.  Sometimes it is a master class format with renowned experts who share the deep understandings they have gained from their research and years of experience.

  • Field founders like: Billie Alban, Barbara Bunker, Edie and Charlie Seashore
  • Peter Block (Building Communities)
  • Barry Johnson (Twice: Polarity Management; Community Building)
  • Ken Thomas (of Thomas-Killmann Confict Mode Instrument; the program was Intrinsic Motivation plus a new Leadership instrument Ken was developing)
  • David Rock (Brain research)

Other Programs
Any member can offer a short program at the quarterly meeting, or a program of any length separate from the quarterly meeting. These additional meetings can be anything from a discussion topic, to a Peer Consultation on a current project, or a practice presentation of your new program or speech or…. Work with the communications chair (link to me) to determine when, what, how, who..

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